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Distance learning courses are the most popular form of online education in the modern world

Courses from the Center JurFem: Education are exclusively practical and interactive even without the physical presence of the teacher.

Our experts develop not only thorough lectures, but also simulations, case-studies, modelling and discussions.

In addition, most courses include an opportunity to take tests to consolidate the material, complete homework and receive expert feedback.

be part of a motivated group that registered for the course;

view lectures in Zoom, links to which become available according to the schedule in your personal account, and later you can also view the recordings there;

communicate with the speaker(s) in the chat of the webinar room during the lecture – feel free to ask questions, have things clarified or express your own opinion;

get access to graphic and text materials;

be in touch with the course supervisor;

take a test or do homework;

receive an electronic certificate upon completion of training.

be able to view lectures in your personal account at any time convenient for you;

take notes, stop, rewind lectures as you have guaranteed access to recordings;

get access to graphic and text materials;

take a test or complete homework that will be checked by the speaker;

receive an electronic certificate upon completion of training.

The relevance of the topic is important to us, both in the context of the needs of the legal market and the need for coverage in society, taking into account the protection of human rights. We are always open to the most pressing and necessary topics of today.

The value of our courses lies not only in the convenience of the distance format, but also in the goal they pursue. Cultivating the importance of gender-sensitive education, we integrate the topics of protection of women’s rights, non-discrimination and the combatting of gender-based violence into our education.

Distance courses are a normal educational process. Choose the format: live online courses or video courses, improve your skills and enjoy learning!