Corporate training

Training for teams of businesses, nongovernmental organizations or public authorities dedicated to non-discrimination and gender equality.

 «Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home—so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the person;  the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere…» 

– Eleanor Roosevelt, Excerpt from the speech on the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. March 27, 1958, United Nations, New York.

Social position

  • Mutual respect, promotion of gender equality and tolerance is fundamental for creating such a world within a team. 

  • Collective training dedicated to non-discrimination and combatting of any forms of violence is the beginning of laying such a foundation.

  • If your business involves working with and for people, then take the opportunity to use the power of your influence and demonstrate your social position on issues of respect for human rights, equality and diversity.


We strive to raise the team’s awareness on the following topics:

gender discrimination

 prevention of sexism

combating sexual harassment

combating domestic violence, etc.


Corporate culture

We want to contribute to the creation of a corporate culture where everyone would be aware of these issues and understand their own responsibility.

Inequality and violence make people feel unsafe, create discomfort and a hostile environment in which it is impossible to work and develop well. The first step to prevent them can be specialized training for the team to help recognize, respond and protect.

The purpose

to unite the team in understanding issues related to human rights and gender discrimination

to create a corporate atmosphere of safety and respect for everyone

to improve the efficiency of work in a team, where everyone individually feels their value

to create a positive human rights image for one’s activities

to be aware of one’s social position

to keep pace with today’s human rights challenges

For whom


Nongovernmental organizations

Government institutions

International institutions and foundations

Training involves

a presentation of theoretical materials with examples and group interactive activities, including exercises, surveys, discussions, modelling of situations, etc. encompassing:

Understanding of the importance and relevance of non-discrimination, gender equality, combatting of gender-based violence;

Concepts and types of gender-based discrimination;

What is “sexism” and why it is important to eradicate any of its manifestations;

How to identify sexism and not be guided by stereotypes in your activities, production or advertising;

What is harassment and its types;

Identification and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace;

Where the line between compliment and violence lies;

What to do and how to react if you suffer from/witness sexual harassment;

What can evidence involve;

The way management should act;

What liability for discrimination, sexism and sexual harassment is provided for by national legislation;

How to communicate in a gender-sensitive way and why it is important;

*We will be happy to create an individual training program according to a specific request, which will best reflect the requests of your team.

Types of training programs

Intensive 1-3 day training on all the topics

2-3 hour seminar on specific topics

Short lectures dedicated to specific topics

Training formats

In your office, where the team works (we will be happy to visit any location that is convenient for you)

Remotely (online – trainings)

After the training

Internal policies and work mechanisms of any institution or organization are a guarantee of efficient, transparent and safe work. Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association “JurFem” can develop gender policies and policies on issues of non-discrimination, prevention of violence and harassment, inclusiveness and equality for your team.

The policy is developed by taking into account the needs and capabilities of each individual structure, so this process takes several months because at first we study the documents, the existing situation, and then we offer our vision of the future document as its main task is to be applied and working.

How to get a corporate training service?

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HIAS Ukraine (NGO)

Halyna Yehorova

Specialist in protection against gender-based violence

I would like to express my gratitude to Svitlana Mykhailyshyn and Victoria Karpa for the trainings they conducted for the employees of HIAS organization in Ukraine! The trainings were very informative and useful for us in our work. We look forward to meeting these professionals again!

Liubov Savchenko

Specialist of HIAS Ukraine

The training was held in a professional way. Knowledge is interesting and useful. Thank you!

Yevheniia Dzekun

GBV Associate HIAS Ukraine

I am sincerely grateful for the training. It made a great impact on my team. The training was presented in depth and the topics were exhaustively explained.

GBV Associate team HIAS Ukraine


JurFem provided us with a lot of interesting and useful information from the perspective of lawyers. They told us about the legal aspects of gender-based violence and what laws and regulations govern this issue in Ukraine.

I am grateful that we were provided with a lot of useful information and knowledge on gender-based violence and protection of GBV survivors. It was incredibly valuable information for our work and raising awareness and skills in the field of social work.


(an international recruitment service)

Yuliia Bondarenko

Internal communications manager in Alcor

I want to say that our cooperation was very pleasant from the very beginning: prompt, clear, but at the same time very humane and pleasant communication with Victoria. The topic of the lecture was chosen very quickly and easily based on our requests.

Yaryna prepared a really interesting presentation and all our colleagues were impressed and liked it. Because not only was the presentation visually interesting just as the information in it, but also Yaryna’s speaking skills are very cool.

We always conduct a survey among our colleagues after such lectures, so that our colleagues could evaluate the lecturer and the content. This time, our colleagues rated both Yaryna and the content with 9 out of 10 points)

That’s a great score.)

So, thank you for your cooperation; I am sure that we will meet again!


Dariia Pylio

a representative of the KrymSOS NGO

JurFem experts participated in a series of webinars on the topics of combating and preventing gender-based violence, legal aspects, identification and aid provided to victims. The two webinars were conducted in a thorough, high-quality and professional manner. Each question the speakers were asked by the participants expanded the subject of knowledge and skills in this topic. In addition to high-quality knowledge and information, the speakers shared visual materials. Thank you very much for contributing to our organization’s activities.


Olha Dolia

President of ELSA Lviv 2022/2023

JurFem is an association of very intelligent and pleasant people who are highly qualified speakers in various fields of law.

Since November 19, when we signed a memorandum of cooperation, JurFem representatives have repeatedly attended our events as speakers.

At our event “About law and not only” we had an opportunity to listen to Kateryna Busol about “Options for ensuring the international legal liability of the russian federation for the crime of aggression”; At ELSA Day dedicated to environmental law – Dariia Rosokhata; Marta Zmysla, who was a judge at the event: “Fourth Regional Competition in Client Consulting”; Kateryna Shunevych, who spoke about bringing criminals to justice for sexual violence during the full-scale armed aggression by the russian federation at the event: “National seminar on criminal law and procedure”.

JurFem members always respond quickly and participate in our events with pleasure. During the events, we had an opportunity to listen to really interesting stories about each of the topics.

Cooperation with JurFem brings pure pleasure! We can definitely say that more events will be organized together with JurFem!